Academy of the Arts

The Academy of the Arts offers group instruction in art and dance, as well as private and group music lessons to cultivate the children’s appreciation of, and talents in the arts. All of these programs are year-round, meaning, they continue through Summer unless you withdraw your child. Please contact the Education Center office (714) 871-3111 for more information, or availability and pricing of art, dance and music lessons.


Private Music Lessons


Our instructors have years of experience and have specialty areas in music. Please contact them or the office for more information. Ages 6 years and up.


-piano, vocal, drums, guitar*

-piano, flute*

*Please bring your own instruments for guitar and flute.

Pre-Mozart and Mozart I

Instructor: Ms. Alice Kim

The Pre-Mozart and Mozart I music classes are geared towards young children who are not yet ready for private music lessons. They follow the Yamaha Keyboarding curriculum. Ages 2-4 years.

Class will be focusing on:

  1. Ensembles
  2. Keyboard
  3. Ear training
  4. Rhythm
  5. Note Reading
  6. Music appreciation



Instructor: Ms. Candace “Kandy” Weidman

All dance classes are taught by Ms. Kandy. She teaches various styles in all levels from Pre-K to adult. Please contact her or the office for information about the uniform.

*teacher recommendation/evaluation required; please see the office for tryouts


Instructor:  Ms. Ruth Lee


Our art program exposes the student to different media (watercolor, pastel, etc.) and techniques (painting, sketching, etc.), enabling them to develop and master their own. Art classes are available for both primary and elementary levels. Ages 4 years and up.