Here at Arborland Montessori, we believe in developing your child’s thinking skills, sparking your child’s interests, and providing your child with applied learning experiences. We achieve these through the following:

Inspirational Montessori Teaching Methods

• self-motivation
• organization
• responsibility
• independence
• respect
• cooperative learning environment in multi-age groups for the younger ones to learn from the older ones and for the older ones to learn to be leaders

Special Individual Attention
  • 1:12 teacher-student ratio in primary and elementary; 1:6 teacher-student ration in toddler
  • Montessori School children spend three years in the same classroom with the same Montessori teacher.
  • Once the child is adapted to the classroom environment, he/she feels secure and comfortable and is able to concentrate on learning.
  • Due to the long term relationship and daily observation, the teacher truly understands the individual child’s strength and weakness.
  • The Montessori teacher is able to guide each child based upon individual differences.
  • Each child is different from one another, yet every child is valuable in his/her own way and will become a successful adult.
Hands-on Scientifically Designed Montessori Materials

Each of the scientifically designed Montessori materials is custom made for a specific learning objective. The materials emphasize the role of physical, hands-on activities to explain abstract concepts in a concrete way. The child’s comprehension of difficult concepts is reinforced on a regular basis, as the child’s knowledge is constantly stimulated through multiple senses. A unique trait present in Arborland students is a genuine interest and quest for knowledge. Rather than using subjective reinforcements through grades, Montessori education teaches each child to remain self-motivated, engaged, and challenged through exciting lessons, stories, and concrete Montessori materials.

Solid Montessori School Academic Program with High Academic Standards

• Our high achieving students continue to be at the top 5% of their class in any school
• 100% of Arborland alumni who have graduated from high school have attended 4-year universities

We also offer optional programs like before and after school care, lunch, and many more.