Optional Programs

Arborland offers many extra curricular activities, and lunch programs on site. Many of these classes are offered through the Education Center. Please be sure to inquire with the office for class times and availability.



Our qualified tutors are available to give your child one-on-one assistance on homework and specific subjects such as additional practice in phonics, reading comprehension, writing, math,  and science.



Let your child’s creativity blossom in art class, using different media and techniques. Art classes are available for both primary and elementary levels. Ages 4 years and up


We offer classes in a variety of dance styles for your child. Valencia campus offers a ballet/tap combo while dance at the Hughes campus also includes jazz, ballet, and tap which are offered through the Education Center. Learn more about it here.


We offer lessons in piano, voice, drums and guitar. Learn more


Academic Chess

Besides learning the basic rules of chess, children are taught techniques that make use of their strategy and problem-solving skills, as well as improve their concentration. Learn more


Gymnastics is a great way to enhance your child’s dexterity and improve motor skills. Learn more

Martial Arts

Tae Kwon Do trains the child to control his/her body and mind to positively impact those around him/her. Learn more


Classes in swimming are offered throughout the year in our indoor swimming pool. Learn more


Tennis is a high energy sport perfect for improving hand-eye coordination. Learn more

Valencia Campus Dance

Dance is offered at the Valencia campus on Mondays and Thursdays at the following times:

*teacher recommendation/evaluation required

Dance at Hughes campus is offered through the Education Center Academy of the Arts.


Before/After School Child Care

For parents’ convenience we offer before and after school childcare for toddler, primary and elementary children. During this time, children finish their homework and are given snack, supplemental academic and enrichment activities.

Childcare Staff:

Before School Toddler & Primary Program

Valencia Campus:
Hughes Campus:

Ms. Kim
Ms. Rokosz and Mrs. Jardon

Before School Elementary Program

Valencia Campus:
Hughes Campus:

Mrs. Tan & Maestra Cartagena
Ms. Shepard

After School Toddler & Primary Program

Valencia Campus:
Hughes Campus:

Toddler: Ms. Molina
Toddler: Ms. Charlene

Primary: Mrs. Deang, Ms. Victoria
Primary: Ms. Gina, Ms. Heba, Ms. Janice and Miss Dana

After School Elementary Program

Valencia Campus:
Hughes Campus:

Lower: Ms. Lopez
Lower: Ms. Alexia

Upper: Ms. Sherg
Upper: Ms. Bern

*Study Hall Program: Ms. Karely

*The After School Study Hall program is offered through the Education Center. It is open to students grades 1-6 of Beechwood, Fern Drive, Fisler, Laguna Road, and Sunset Lane. Space on the school van is limited. Please enroll as soon as possible to reserve your child’s spot.
Please check with the office for availability and schedule.

School Lunch

Our school cooks prepare lunch every day on-site so they are served warm and delivered right to your child’s classroom. Lunch can be purchased per day or per month. Review the monthly menu here


Prefer to bring home lunch? We can provide your child with dairy milk to be served with his/her home lunch.