Montessori School for Whittier

Excellent education awaits the residents of Whittier at Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy. The school, located at neighboring Fullerton, offers a safe, nurturing, and highly academic environment where children are encouraged to develop their many talents. Highly skilled and dedicated teachers run classes with small sizes, enabling them to devise a curriculum according to each child’s skills. Arborland also utilizes scientifically-designed Montessori materials that help children understand abstract concepts better, whether they are in the toddler, primary, or elementary age.
Arborland also provides after-school programs, like elementary study hall, child care, Chinese, and private tutoring. Sports classes, like tennis, swimming, and martial arts are also offered. Private piano, flute, keyboard, drums, violin, and vocal classes are available year-round, as well as jazz, ballet, hip hop, and tap.
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