Dr. Sueling Chen:

 As a private Montessori school, it is our mission to develop our students into creative, responsible decision makers, and to nurture each individual child’s latent capabilities and bring out the excellence in each child.


August 14, 2017

Dear Parents and Students,


With a heart that is filled with joy and gratitude, I welcome you to Arborland! This is the year Arborland enters its 30th year of serving the community and preparing future generations of leaders for our world. Just this summer, an alumnus, who is a Director of Product Management of a multi-national company, visited me with his son and shared his successful experience with me; another alumna, who is a manager of a famous US company, invited me to attend her wedding and two alumni, both currently attending prestigious universities, came to visit too. These types of stories happen more and more as time goes on and our alumni become leaders of various industries. I want to share this excitement with all of you and request you to spread the joy and share our upcoming celebration news with everyone in your social community and family.

As we progress with our journey, we always remember our responsibility to our community and our environment.  We are delighted to announce that you, as parents, are able to view your child’s account at your convenience now. All you need to do is to go to and enter your email address (the same email address as we have on your account). Once you create your account, you will be able to access it anytime without assistance,

In addition, you don’t even need to worry about your account balance if you authorize Arborland to collect monthly tuition balance from your bank account through automatic, monthly ACH transactions. All you need to do is to fill out an authorization form. Just like your bank statement, you will be able to view the transactions immediately.

With our new program, we are requesting your cell phone company so that in case of emergency, you will be informed immediately through a cell phone text. Please send us an email to or drop by our office to update cell phone carrier. We will be sending you a TEST text message on Monday, August 21, to try out our emergency communication system. As we educate your child we always keep in mind the busy lives of parents, and are always in search of ideas to facilitate better communication between you and our school.

We have been busy all summer preparing for the new school year. At Arborland the great work of preparing the child to become a functioning member of society is forever dynamic and ongoing. The curriculum is constantly being updated to meet the demands of our ever changing world. While taking care of your child’s academic needs, similar care is taken to take care of your child’s social and emotional needs. We never forget that character building, leadership skills, responsibility and a kind and helpful attitude are essential qualities to impart as a part of a child’s whole education. We take pride in the safe, nurturing environment that we provide, as we prepare your child for his/her future role as a caring leader of the world of tomorrow.

With sincerity,

Dr. Sueling Chen


Dear Arborland Families,

We hope your summer is filled with fun, exciting memories! Our summer school is going great and the children are partaking in language arts, math, and themed learning activities blended with an equal amount of enjoyable summertime fun. I have been overjoyed receiving college graduation announcements from alumni, reconnecting with alumni parents bringing siblings back to Arborland, and hearing alumni parents tell me their child is a remarkable person and Arborland played a significant role in their development and love for learning. One such parent even mentioned that “if only every child could have that same experience, the world would be a much better place”.

Every card, every smile, every compliment reinforces our living dream. The emotional reward that we receive from our alumni and their parents is way beyond anything we could ever ask for. With heartfelt appreciation, we are planning for our upcoming 30th Anniversary celebrations for this 2017-2018 school year. Planning for our Anniversary celebrations has brought back so many fond memories of the start of Arborland and the families that have included us in their children’s educational journeys. We are truly humbled and honored when Arborland families share with us their amazing accomplishments throughout the years.

In appreciation and celebration of our 30th anniversary, Arborland will be hosting a series of celebrations in the 2017-2018 school year. One of the celebrations is to take our staff on a weeklong professional development to reflect, to refresh, and to plan how we can better serve our community for the next 30 years. Please be reminded that there will be no childcare services for Spring Break (3/26-3/30/2018) next school year. For those who depend on our childcare services during spring break, we hope this announcement comes early enough for you to make arrangements for your family.

We are so proud of the community that has grown over the past 30 years and that will continue to develop and flourish in the years to come. As this year brings reflection, it also inspires us to continuously progress as a school in order to cultivate future generations of confident leaders. We are honored to be celebrating 30 years of quality education to the community and look forward to celebrating with you very soon!

With sincerity,

Dr. Sueling Chen

Message from the Principal

DID YOU HAVE THE ADVANTAGE OF A GOOD EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION? Why do our nation’s politicians and leaders send their children to private schools? Did you know that founder Jeff Bezos, Prince William, Prince Harry, Cello artist Yo-Yo Ma, both Google founders (Larry Page and Sergey Brin), and many other powerful and influential individuals attended a Montessori school? Have you thought of the benefits of sending your child or grandchild to a Montessori school?

After 27 years of educating young minds, we at Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy sincerely believe that the secret to our success is our commitment to Dr. Maria Montessori’s central philosophy that education is the preparation for life. Our credentialed AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) and AMS (American Montessori Society) Montessori teachers dedicate their services to helping our toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary children to be the very best that they can be every day in the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas. We provide a prepared environment, rigorous academic programs, personalized attention, scientific Montessori materials, mixed age education, and many after school childcare activities, such as art, dance, music, gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, tennis, swim, and chess to serve our students’ educational and developmental needs.

As a private Montessori school, it is our mission to develop our students into creative, responsible decision makers, and to nurture each individual child’s latent capabilities and bring out the excellence in each child. Our alumni continue to make us proud: achieving success in Junior High and High School, and going on to attend prestigious universities throughout the nation. We are always touched and delighted to see them participate enthusiastically at all alumni gatherings and Arborland celebrations. For our beloved alumni, Arborland Montessori School will always be a second home.

Here at Arborland Montessori Private School, we believe in maximizing your child’s potential by developing your child’s thinking skills, teaching your child how to learn, sparking your child’s interests, and providing your child with applied learning experiences. We welcome children ages 18 months through 6th grade. Parents looking for a safe, intellectually challenging and character-developing private school for their children must visit Arborland Montessori.

Please take your time and enjoy exploring our website. Feel free to call us for a complimentary guided tour of our outstanding Montessori classrooms.

Sueling Chen, MBA, Ed.D. Principal

p.s. Grandparents are part of the family and are also invited to visit us.


In the fall of 1988, a new private preschool opened its doors at 1700 W. Valencia Drive with an enrollment of 7 young children, two of whom belonged to the principal. The school, though small, was purposefully built and the brain child of Sueling Chen, who was determined to establish the best quality school for her own children and the community. She saw a need and decided to fill it. This was the beginning of Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy.

Since its modest inception, the school has achieved outstanding growth, both in student enrollment and campus expansion. Dr. Chen has successfully created an excellent, warm, nurturing and friendly learning environment based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s teaching philosophy. The school now has multiple classes from toddlers to upper elementary and caters to the educational needs of children ranging in ages eighteen months through twelve years. The school expanded again in December 2003 and opened a second campus, the Arborland Education & Youth Activity Center Hughes Campus in Amerige Heights.

As the principal of Arborland, Dr. Chen has astutely blended the needs of public school requirements into the Montessori curriculum. The results are evident in the excellent grades achieved by Arborland students in the yearly standardized tests. The school has graduated many children to local junior high schools, all of whom have achieved accelerated placements in the math and language areas. They also excel in public speaking and debating skills, thanks to the in-house radio station installed by Dr. Chen, which offers a facility for children to practice their radio communication abilities.

The secret of the school’s success is Dr. Chen’s educational background which has eminently prepared her for the challenges of running a school. She has a Bachelor of Education degree and teaching credential from National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, and a Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Her education has provided her with a sound combination of knowledge both for the educational needs of the children and the necessary business background needed to provide such an education. With a constant drive to improve Arborland, Dr. Chen went back to school to obtain a Montessori Teaching Credential and a Doctorate in Education because she believed the insight she could gain would provide her with more knowledge to pass onto the teachers. After a few years of going to school in addition to working full-time, Dr. Chen received her Ed. D. from the USC Rossier School of Education in 2005.

Dr. Chen’s business acumen is the motivating force which enables her to see that to produce the best, the correct preparation is necessary. The facility she has prepared meets the highest standards, not only for the child’s educational needs, but also for the highest standards of safety and well-being of all entrusted to her care. The campuses are well structured; all of the classrooms are bright and spacious and each has its own restrooms, sinks and drinking fountains. The furniture in each classroom meets the needs of the children at each age level and is very pleasing to the eye. Each class is fully equipped with all the required Montessori manipulative materials, which are regularly replaced as the need arises. Being a strong believer in a quality program, Dr. Chen has been meticulous in her selection of teaching staff and employees; she only accepts those teachers with the best background and Montessori teaching credentials. She offers scholarships to train teachers and further enhance their knowledge. Her strong support for her faculty has resulted in an experienced, loyal group of teachers who form the academic nucleus of her establishment.

Dr. Chen’s achievements were recognized by Fullerton Chamber of Commerce, Mayor of Fullerton, Orange County Supervisor, California State Assembly, California State Senate, and United States Congressman when she was named “Educator of the Year 2002.” Then in 2004, Dr. Chen was presented with “Woman of the Year 2004” by Assembly member Lynn Daucher of the 72nd District and the California State Assembly in recognition of her outstanding service and dedication to the people of California. In 2012, Dr. Chen was not only recognized as “Woman of the Year” by Assemblyman Chris Norby, Arborland itself was also awarded “Business of the Year” by the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce. All the recognition she and Arborland receives are an enormous honor and are possible only because of dedicated staff, supportive parents, wonderful students, and outstanding alumni and their continued cooperation and support.

Not only is Dr. Chen a successful educator, but she is also a mother of three. They have all graduated from Arborland, after receiving their early primary and elementary education at this establishment. They are living proof of her success. They are responsible, well-rounded, and compassionate individuals, where the solid foundation they received at Arborland is coming to full fruition. Dr. Chen’s oldest daughter graduated with a full International Baccalaureate diploma, lifetime membership for the California Scholarship Federation, 4.56 GPA, and high honors from Sunny Hills High School in June 2002. She was accepted early decision to her first choice school, Cornell University, where she actively competed in and taught ballroom dancing with the Cornell Ballroom Dance Club, performed traditional Chinese Dance at events around campus, and conducted olfaction research with Professor Bruce Halpern. She graduated in May 2006 as a Biology major. Her highly self-motivated and eager-to-learn personality has her continually going back to school to further her education. She went on to receive her masters degree for education and math teaching credentials from the University of California Los Angeles in 2010. After that, she worked in the public school system, teaching high school trigonometry and algebra. Currently, she is attending the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and will receive her second masters degree in 2013.

Dr. Chen’s second daughter graduated from Sunny Hills High School in 2004, also with high honors and an International Baccalaureate Diploma. As a junior in high school, she excelled in AP BC Calculus and was a member of the Girls Varsity Tennis Team, Helios yearbook staff, and National Honor Society at Sunny Hills. She graduated from the prestigious Haas School of Business from University of California Berkeley in 2008, and currently works as senior associate staff at the renowned Ernst and Young accounting and consulting firm. She proves to be a valuable member of their company as she continually impresses her superiors with her outstanding contributions. At her young age, her intellectual prowess has also brought her all around the world. She is not only gifted with an analytical mind, but she is also endowed with a golden heart. She volunteers as a Big Sister, showing that her compassion and dedication are in equal parts.

Not to be left out, Dr. Chen’s youngest daughter attended Arborland since she was two years and three months old. She graduated from Sunny Hills High School in 2015 and is now a freshman at the University of California Berkeley. She was in the International Baccalaureate program and was consistently on the principal’s honor roll. She was also elected to serve as secretary in their student government. She won speech contests both in Chinese and English, the most recent of which is the Lion’s Club regional division contest in the first quarter of 2012. She was crowned first runner up at the Miss Fullerton Outstanding Teen contest in 2011. She is a happy child who finds beauty in the simplest things. Her outgoing and charming personality has continually made her a standout. Thanks to the qualities promoted by the Montessori philosophy that they have acquired from Arborland, they have continued to succeed and inspire.