our mission

Our main objective is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment, which will help the child independently develop the foundational habits, attitudes, skills and ideas which are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.




Our goals for your child are


We believe that education is not just the passage of knowledge, nor rote memory. Here at Arborland Montessori, we believe in developing your child’s thinking skills, teaching your child how to learn, sparking your child’s interests, and providing your child with applied learning experiences.

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A few of our teachers

The teachers at Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy hold the Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI) or the American Montessori Society (AMS) teaching credential. The majority of Arborland Montessori School teachers have been teaching at Arborland for over twenty years. Moreover, we regularly provide professional development training to ensure that all our teachers have the most updated knowledge and skills to help your child. They are professional educators who love their students and are dedicated to their work. Arborland Montessori Children’s Academy is recognized by the Orange County Department of Education.

Ms. Shilpi

My Favorite Snack >

Mangos and strawberries are my favorite snack. Vibrant colors & full of flavor they keep me energetic with the babies

Miss Sayra

A Special Pet >

I have a 40 year old pet turtle named Billy who loves high fives! ✋✋

Mrs. Currey

Few of My Hobbies >

I love paper crafts, scrapbooking, photography so it really helps when I need to make my Montessori materials 👏

Mrs. Cynthia

New Summer Project >

I've started a new hobby this summer! I'm raising Monarch caterpillars to help the Monarch butterfly population 🦋

Lower Elementary
Mrs. Melissa

Favorite TV Show >

I love love love watching British mystery TV shows. Rosemary and Thyme anyone? 

Upper Elementary
Ms. Simms

Favorite Experience >

Besides the kiddos, my favorite experience as an Arborland teacher was traveling with my kids to China for Global Natural History Day competitions

Junior High