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Wanted: Carriers of Healthy Attitudes!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”

~ Tom Stoppard

You are a carrier of healthy attitudes when you have a positive approach to life. From the tone of your tongue to the silences of your nonverbal communication, you bounce your energy. Your attitude holds power! It is not always easy to carry yourself in uplifting-esteem, on the contrary, it definitely requires lots of work - especially when you continually are giving and not receiving. So encourage yourself to project and possess healthy attitudes. Here are a few components to help:

  1. Glass half full. Take a positive approach to problems. Find the opportunity or silver lining to every situation.

  2. Know your boundaries. A healthy attitude does not imply that you always need to radiate positivity. Make sure you give yourself a break to recharge as needed.

  3. Desire to learn. Continually seek new skills and strategies. Learning is fun and a sense of accomplishment lends itself to positive energy.

  4. Aspire to inspire. This one is our favorite. Use your strengths and weaknesses to genuinely inspire others. Authenticity is felt, it is a vibration from our “gut” intuition. Be yourself, share a smile, and work towards collaborating with the collective world around you. When you aspire to inspire others, you not only celebrate but you also cry with them! This healthy behavior can prove to be healing for all parties involved.

So be kind. Share a word or two of encouragement and give to yourself whenever you can. It is so easy to be wound up or wounded over the day-to-day stressors you encounter. This post is here to remind and celebrate with you the light that shines within you. You possess the power to brighten the day of many around you. Let every day be the day you choose to make the world a little better by actively sharing a healthy attitude with others.

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