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How to Deal with Temper Tantrums

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

By Miss Theresa Garcia

Temper tantrums are one of the most frustrating and stressful things you have to deal with as a parent.  Here are some steps that can help you deal with your child’s tantrum.

1.  Remain calm.

We know, easier said than done, right? But think about how your reaction would affect your child. Take a few deep breaths before deciding on your response to your child.

2.  Try to determine the cause of the tantrum

  1. Is the child just trying to get his way?

  2. Is it nap time?

  3. Is he/she hungry?

  4. Is he/she having difficulty communicating?

3.  Tell the child that you will talk to them when they calm down.

Allow the tantrum to pass, ignoring them unless he/she is in harm’s way.

4.  Do not reward the tantrum.

5.  Do not reason with the child.

6.  Discuss the behavior that your child showed once the tantrum is done.  

  1. Do they get a time out?

  2. Do they get a privilege taken away?

Now that we’ve shared our tips on how to deal with temper tantrums, we ask you, dear parent–what has worked for you in the past when your child threw a tantrum? Let us know in the comments below.

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