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Back to School During Coronavirus

It is that time of the year again: back to school! Unfortunately, current world events have altered the structure of education. We hope to bring you peace of mind as we work together to ensure a community environment that is safe for all children and their families. To ensure children benefit from encouragement, nurture, and support in their educational stride, here are 3 small steps we hope you will take with us as we reopen our doors. Whether you have decided to return in person or remotely, this guide can help you manage the return to school during Coronavirus.

Radiate positivity!

It is important to begin your day with positive energy. However, positive energy is only the minimum. We recommend you radiate an overflowing amount of joy that inspires your child's scholarly aspirations. Influencing children’s positive attitudes about the school day ensures encouragement and support in their school work. By highlighting children’s interests and exciting experiences children will speak positively about school.

Encourage independence by discussing school plans with your child.

We understand the new policies and procedures can be overwhelming, here is a tip to help reduce stress. Be proactive in discussing school plans with your child. Review new school procedures in place as a method to instill responsibility and independence. When you drop off your child at school, remind him/her of these specific responsibilities: mask wearing, social distancing, and proper hand washing. Encourage independence with rewards like warm smiles and gratitude to show your appreciation and keep children motivated in following new policies. This is a small (but essential) step for their safety and protection that contributes to the greater safety and protection of our community and larger society.

Establish a routine

The return to school is no easy feat, especially after a 6 month break. There will be many tears but each day you maintain an established routine will help! Whether you are attending in-person or remotely it is important to provide children with a caring and nurturing environment. According to Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy, you can design learning environments to facilitate maximum independence in learning and exploration by the child. You can recreate the Montessori classroom atmosphere in your home by understanding the lessons, activities, and tools that match the developmental needs of your child. Double check that children have required materials for their school day to ensure no time is lost with their learning opportunities.

These three small steps can better prepare you for maximum productivity in reaching long term goals with the new education procedures. Remember to cultivate a community that provides safety, acceptance, encouragement, nurture, support, and challenges.

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