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5 Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher on Parents' Night

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

As your child returns to school in the new year, along with yet another surge in the pandemic, it is natural to be concerned for your child and wonder how they will adjust to the classroom. Transitions always take time but remember that a consistent routine will be invaluable.

The best way to ease your anxiety and that of your child is by asking questions about the unknown and to be informed about your child's daily education. Our annual Parents' Night creates yet another opportunity for you to learn about your little one's day-to-day activities in school as you interact with their teachers.

Here are some questions you may want to ask your child's teacher;

  1. What specific questions should I ask my child on a daily basis about school?

  2. How is learning personalized in your classroom?

  3. What can I do to support what my child is learning in the classroom?

  4. How do you assess student progress?

  5. What are the most important ideas/concepts that my child has to understand by the end of the year?

Parental involvement and participation are crucial to a child's educational development and success. Asking your child's teacher the most beneficial questions will enable you to learn more about how you can support them at home, especially during uncertain times. Ultimately, it is alright for your child to know that you also may not have all the answers but that you can lean on each other to figure it out together.

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