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Help Your Child See the Natural Science Around Them

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

By Janet Hernandez

Children are extremely curious little critters. They notice so many things that adults do not in our busy Southern California lifestyles. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Stop and smell the roses?” Well, children don’t have to be told to stop; they naturally just stop and smell the roses!   

Just yesterday, I noticed one of my students looking at the birds chirping outside on the roof. He wanted to know if the bird was protecting his nest. We looked around and suddenly began noticing all the nests around our school campus! He then asked me what type of bird it was, if it had any babies, and how the nest stays together. His curiosity was so infectious that it caught the attention of other students and they all watched the birds and talked about what was going on for a good fifteen minutes.   

To help your child see the natural science around them, pause for a second and state an observation aloud for your child to hear. Notice that the roses are blooming? Say it out loud! “Wow, those roses are so beautiful! Did you know that it’s spring and all the flowers are in bloom?” Then let your child tell you what they know about spring or form a hypothesis about which flowers bloom faster.

I even use this fun tip at home.  When I drive with my three-year-old grandson, Dean, he always looks for the moon outside the window. When we find it, we talk about its shape and whether it is a full moon, gibbous or crescent moon. I explain why we see these phases of the moon. Introducing vocabulary helps your child develop early reading skills and a knowledge base for teachers to expand on. Plus, your child will also likely surprise you with what they know already as well!

By taking a moment to pause, acknowledge our children’s interests, and pay attention to the little natural things in our everyday life. We can help our kids develop their vocabulary, support their interests, expand their knowledge, and most of all, explore the natural science around them!

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