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What is the Purpose of School?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

By Melissa De Los Santos

Many a morning struggle have been punctuated by this timeless question. Generations of children have battled with early mornings and last-minute projects, all yearning for the liberation that weekends bring. This question pops up even more now that all the things you need and want to know are only a few Google searches and YouTube videos away.

So why do we still go to school? How does school help us?

Oh, let me count the ways.

Teaches children responsibility

Every assignment given to a student is a test in responsibility, especially in the elementary level. Working on the assignment at a reasonable pace, meeting the requirements, and turning it in on time all contribute to the development of the student’s sense of accountability.

Even primary students get to foster their responsibility in school. If they make a mess, they are taught to clean up after themselves. When they take work out of the shelves, they are expected to return them to the same place after use. These little expectations help build their understanding that they are accountable for the things they do.

Teaches children how to interact with others

Going to school lets children interact with a diverse group of people, so it is here where they develop their social skills. Because they are in contact with different people for at least seven hours a day, they learn how to collaborate with people. They also learn how to solve problems when conflicts arise.

Helps children find their passion

As soon as children can talk, they are asked what they want to be when they grow up. As they go through elementary and high school, kids discover what they are interested in and lean towards a certain topic – whether it be in the arts or sciences. When students get to apply themselves to something they enjoy, they will be more confident about their abilities. This also helps students choose a specific path when they pursue higher education, and will eventually lead them towards a fulfilling career.

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