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That's a wrap!  Arborland's Virtual Community Carnival was a hit! We hosted an interactive Zoom event in which you were able to maneuver through different carnival booths (breakout rooms) at your own pace. Each booth had its very own carnival experience.  

Take a look at all the smiling faces at the Virtual Community Carnival! We sure had a great time and we hope you did too. Thank you to everyone who joined us. See you next time!

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Ages 2-5

Parents are encouraged to explore the carnival with your child! Booths include:

  • Origami Tent*

  • Going On a Noun Hunt

  • Alphabet Treasure Hunt

  • Colors Y Colores

  • Blast Off!*

  • Handprint Circus Animals*

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Ages 6+

Being able to navigate Zoom breakout rooms and follow directions will be key for your child will have fun exploring the following booths independently:

  • Origami Tent*

  • How Your Belly Works*

  • Reader's Theater

  • Rhyming Treasure Hunt

  • Riddle Me This!

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Any age

Anyone is welcome to join in these booths but parents are encouraged to provide assistance to primary aged students from home.

  • Snack Shack*

  • Slime Time*

  • Balloon Animals

  • Live Animal Encounters

  • Dance Party/Talent Show*

*Indicates household materials may be required.  Please see below for more information.
Arborland's Virtual Community Carnival.p
Arborland's Virtual Community Carnival (

Optional Materials

Our goal is to make these activities as accessible as possible. There is a good chance you already have most of these items around your house!

View our slideshow and gather any materials you may need for the activity!

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