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A Montessori Summer

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Summer is the time for long days and short nights, the kind of environment that children love. During this leisurely passage of time, children will enjoy individual choices, uninterrupted play, plenty of time for rest and sleep, relaxing meals, and unplugged screens. Here are only a few ideas for how your child can fill his or her summer days and return to school refreshed and enthusiastic.

  1. Read age-appropriate books: For older children, start a chapter book that will lead into a repetitive ritual to look forward to. Be sure to engage in conversation with them about characters, the places visited, and anything else they like about their current read. For younger children, read books together and include time for you to discuss the pictures and characters. Provide art supplies, such as paper, watercolors, and crayons, so your child can illustrate his or her favorite part of the book.

  2. Long periods of outside play: Plenty of sunshine means plenty of outdoor time. Give your child the freedom to build, dig, shovel, and explore their outside world. Do not be worried if your child slows down and appears bored. This is the passage of time for them to become imaginative and choose their own activity.

  3. Practical life: Not only do children love their practical life activities at school, but it will give them a better sense of responsibility in their family life. Give your child a designated area to sweep, have them help wash windows or set the table for a meal, or clean out toys to donate or throw away.

  4. Day trips: Children love to go on field trips, especially with Mom and Dad. Summertime provides the best background for a quick trip to a fun place. Take your child to the park, a museum, or even the local playground. Include your child in the planning and execution of this event, and it will feel like more than just a day trip.

  5. Grow a garden: A vital skill for children to have is to care for our environment. Set aside a small plot in the backyard for a garden, and your child can help plant, water, weed, and pick the fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Keeping your child motivated and involved all summer is important to their success in the upcoming school year. These activities will not only help your child’s brain stay active during vacation, but they will be better prepared for when the summer comes to an end and they have to move back into the classroom.

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