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Dual Language Program FAQs

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Updated: The English-Spanish dual language class is now being offered in Room B with Ms. Vallejo.

You may have heard about our new dual language program debuting this Fall. Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions about the program.

1. What are the requirements to sign up for the Chinese or Spanish dual language program?

As Arborland parents of the primary classroom, you have options. You may choose a regular English only Montessori Primary classroom, an English-Chinese dual language Montessori Primary classroom, or an English-Spanish dual language Montessori Primary classroom. Please sign up with our office.

2. If I am enrolled in Mrs. Salzman’s class, but not interested in the dual language program, may I transfer my child out?

Certainly! It is the parents’ choice to enroll your child in an English only class or a dual language class. Please let our office know of your decision.

3. Will there be an English and Spanish dual language program?

It depends on the interests of the parents and teacher. If enough students sign up, the English and Spanish dual language program will take place at the Valencia campus. We need to know that there is sufficient parent interest.

4. Is it possible that all the spaces are taken and there are not enough spaces for the dual language programs?

Yes! The maximum we can take in a classroom will be 24. Therefore, your child may be placed on the wait list if more than 24 children have signed up before your child.

5. Is there any priority given to existing students?

Yes! Since Mrs. Salzman agreed to pilot the English and Chinese dual language program, her returning students have priority over other students. We will communicate with her returning parents to figure out how many openings she has.

6. Do I have to pay more for the bilingual program?

No! The tuition is the same based upon our tuition schedule.

7. What are the qualifications of the second language teacher?

Since our second language teacher works as an Assistant Teacher, their qualifications are the same as our regular Assistant Teacher in addition to their second language ability.

8. What will my child learn in the dual language program?

Based upon research, there are five stages of second language acquisition: Silent/Receptive, Early Production, Speech Emergency, Intermediate Fluency, and Continued Language Development/Advanced Fluency. Our goal for the first year is for the students to develop listening skills in the first semester, then speaking some words and phrases in the second semester.

9. Will Arborland continue the dual language program in elementary classes?

Yes, in the future. Our plan is to follow the students to continuously develop their second language skills.

10. How can the parents help their children at home and help the dual language program?

If you know the second language, practice with your child at home. If you do not know the second language, simply show your child that you are proud of his second language ability. Please feel free to tell your neighbors and friends who may be interested in our program.

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