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Exploring Elementary Montessori Materials

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Montessori elementary programs follow the theme of Montessori Cosmic Education. The goal of Montessori elementary education is to not only produce great scholars, but also respectful, committed, loving and caring leaders. Like primary education, teachers introduce materials to students according to their level of development and readiness. Students then work with the materials to make exciting discoveries—such as why, when dividing fractions, we invert and multiply. Let's take a closer look at some of the materials in your child's elementary classroom!

Fraction Insets

This Montessori material presents ten different puzzles, each comprised of a perfect circle frame and insets in decreasing fractions, from 1/1 to 1/10th. Fraction Insets helps the child understand that there are quantities less than one but higher than zero, and they are able to begin comparing these quantities by removing pieces from one inset and comparing them to another.

Grammar Symbols

Montessori teachers first introduce grammar lessons in primary and then later expanded by this Montessori material in elementary. The Grammar Symbols material allows the child to associate the classification of grammar to the use of that part of speech.

The Bead Frame

Children ready for more advanced mathematical exercises use the Bead Frame for addition, multiplication, division and subtraction, both static and dynamic. This Montessori material allows the child to manipulate larger numbers on the frame, as they have already mastered the concept of units and hundreds with the introductory golden bead material.

Word Study or Montessori Skyscrapers

Once the child acquires general knowledge of the English language, they are then introduced to Montessori Skyscrapers. This material allows the child to practice order and classification on a variety of categories such as compound words, suffix & prefixes, alphabetical order, Thesaurus, and so much more!

The Bead Cabinet - 5 Chain

This Montessori material allows the child to explore the relationships of squares to their roots. By counting out the chains, children are able to begin to identify the patterns of products in multiplication and further expand their understanding of the mathematical concept.

Sentence Analysis Chart

This Montessori material helps the child identify parts of sentences and phrases. The chart is used to initiate a discussion about the action (predicate) taking place and whom or what (subject) is performing that action. Simple sentence can be constructed using these pictures as inspiration for grammar and writing development.

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