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H is for Harvesting Gratitude

All year, you and your family have been planting seeds in your family garden. Though 2020 has been difficult for everyone, there is still a lot to be thankful for and your harvest this year may feel extra special as a result. This Thanksgiving, take a moment with your family and friends to pause and reflect on this past year’s harvest. Here are a few dinner table activities that can help:

  1. Pass the gratitude basket: Supply everyone with a sheet of paper and a pencil. On the paper, instruct everyone to anonymously record one thing that makes them feel grateful and put it into a basket. Pass the basket around the table, have each person read another’s gratitude note, and ask the group to guess who wrote it!

  2. Thanksgiving show and tell: Ask everyone to bring along an item that reflects what they are thankful for this year. Taking turns, have each person share it with the group and tell their story. This item can be anything - it can even be a photo, song, or stuffed animal friend!

  3. A picture says a thousand words: Provide young children with paper and their favorite art medium for crafting. Invite and encourage children to draw pictures of the things that they feel most grateful for this year. Turn it up a notch and create a Thankful Mural. Start by covering a wall with a large piece of paper. Use your child’s favorite art mediums and invite them to draw and write what they are grateful for.

  4. Artful turkeys for scrapbooking: Help your child create turkey pictures using his/her hands. Help younger children write what they are thankful for on each feather and then follow this with coloring. When finished, have your child share with family members what is written on their feathers. Place the turkey in a scrapbook and add to your favorite memories!

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the best foundation for an abundant harvest. Happy harvesting!

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