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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Going back to school also means back to doing homework for most students. If your child is having some challenges in accomplishing their homework, here are some tips to make that more manageable.

Work on the least challenging one first

Your student may struggle a little bit with cursive writing, but they find multiplication easy. In this case, have your child work on their multiplication homework first. This way, they can do it independently with little to no help from adults. This will motivate them to do more work, and will be more receptive once they start doing the challenging task.

Review the day's notes

Homework is usually based on the day's lesson, so if your child is stumbling through theirs, have them look over their notes. Sometimes, all the child needs is to refresh the concept in their mind, especially if they have not mastered it yet. Most students just need a quick review of their notes, and the work becomes so much easier. Hopefully, this will also encourage the student to take better notes during lessons.

Take mini breaks

Doing school work can seem daunting, especially when the child is already at home. To prevent homework burnout, encourage your child to take small breaks while doing their work. They can take breaks based on time; for example, a third-grader can take a break every 30 minutes of actively doing their homework. They can also take breaks every time they finish a certain subject's work (this can work better for older students). Taking these short, 5- or 10-minute breaks will help them refresh their minds and prevent fatigue. Getting these small breaks will actually help the child focus more when they are working.

We hope these tips will help your child feel more confident this school year!

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