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How Does Group Work Help My Child?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

By: Melissa De Los Santos

Maria Montessori encourages everyone to “follow the child,” which means that their education is modeled after their own needs and passions. This might mean a lot of individual work for the student. In addition to this individualized work, Arborland students are also expected to participate in groups.

What are the benefits of working in groups?

Dealing with different personalities

Working in groups is a great opportunity for students to learn how to get along with different kinds of people. Each person is unique, and that individuality usually means different opinions. The more your students get to work with other people, the better-equipped they will be to handle challenging situations in the future.

Resolving conflicts

With different personalities working together, it is inevitable that some conflict will arise. When students disagree, especially in upper elementary, they are given the opportunity to resolve the issue themselves first. They are encouraged to listen to each others’ opinions before they make a big decision as a group. They may argue for a bit, but they almost always reach a compromise without help from their teachers. The ability to resolve conflicts effectively is an important something that Arborland students can use throughout their lives.

Building leadership

One of the many benefits of group work is being able to accomplish one goal with the help of other people. This means that tasks are delegated among the group members, which are usually assigned duties they are good at. Knowing people’s strengths and putting them where they will succeed is a characteristic of a good leader, and the students can practice this every time they work in groups.

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