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How to combine fun and learning on Halloween

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

By Miss Brittney Apodaca

We hear the word Halloween, and what comes to mind is trick or treating, costumes, and parties. We all know that Halloween is fun. Furthermore, it could also be a learning experience for children. There is much to learn about Halloween, from traditions to the history that comes with the festivities. Provided here is a list of topics for curious little critters to sink their teeth into.


One of the best parts of halloween is dressing up! We can be anything we want to be, at least for that night. When we ask children what they want to be for Halloween, they almost always choose one that inspires them; someone they want to be like, whether it’s firemen or say, Steve Jobs. Discuss with them what their particular reasons are for choosing that person, and if they are really interested, encourage them to read books, watch movies or documentaries, and visit museums about that person.


Who’s heard of a halloween with no pumpkins? Children can do so much with pumpkins that combines fun and learning–from carving pumpkins, to cooking and baking with them. For inquisitive minds who wonder why pumpkins are a Halloween staple, there are many resources available out there. Visiting a pumpkin patch is also a tradition for many families, and it shows the little children how pumpkins grow.

Scary Stories

Halloween and scary stories go hand in hand. Have the children create their own scary stories, or research existing scary stories’ origins. Was it taken from something that happened in real life, or was it the product of someone’s creativity and imagination?

Trick or treat

One of our favorite Halloween traditions. Some questions that could come up are: Why do we say “trick or treat”, who came up with this idea? Why do we go door to door, and receive candy for shouting at people’s front doors? This is also an appropriate time to discuss health and safety. Aside from stranger danger and eating too much candy, children with allergies should be supervised to make sure that they do not come into contact with allergens. Consider having a stash of alternative treats for trick-or-treaters at the door, like crayons or markers.

Mythological creatures

Witches, werewolves, and vampires–OH MY! These are creatures we don’t want to run into on halloween night. Have the children research to find out these creatures’ histories, and how they came about. Then have them create their own mythological creature to add to the books.

Have fun out there!

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