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How to Have a Successful Portrait Day

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

How many of us adults have memories of a bad picture day as a student? Whether it was in elementary school or high school, I’m sure we’ve all had one. 

To save your child from having that same experience, check out these useful tips on how to prepare your child for a successful portrait day!

  1. Look good, feel good. Letting a child pick their outfit is a way of capturing their unique personalities. Guide your child to picking the perfect outfit while also making sure they are comfortable for the day.

  2. Smile big! The night before Portrait Day, practice smiling with your child! To avoid those awkward, fake smiles, remind them to simply be themselves! Their true personality always brings out that picture-perfect smile.

  3. Set expectations. Your child may not know what to expect when it comes to Portrait Day. Explain to them the process of professional picture taking. This will soothe them when the time comes for their picture to be taken!

  4. Have the right attitude. Letting the children know what to expect is great, but only if you have the right attitude! For children, anything can be fun and enjoyable as long as they are surrounded by positive attitudes. Help make this day enjoyable and keep a positive attitude!

With these tips in mind, we look forward to Portrait Day and cannot wait to see all of the bright and beautiful smiles of our students! 

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