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How to Kick Back-to-School Blues

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

By Janice Balgemino

It’s that time of year again: back to school! Even though getting back into the classroom is always an exciting time for both students and parents, the most difficult time can be the drop-off. Establishing a consistent routine from the beginning is key and will help with the transition. In addition, here are some helpful tips to consider:   

Keep it positive!

Highlight the exciting experiences that your child will have in school and speak positively about school at home and on the way to school. This will help your little one go to school with a happy attitude and make them eager to keep going back.

Encourage independence

Let your child carry his/her own things and walk into the classroom. After the first day, your child will know where his/her belongings go, please support your child’s independence and have this be part of the routine.

Give hugs and kisses before entering

and always say goodbye at the door. Also, gently remind your child that “you will see him/her later,” but please do not sneak away.

Ask for a helping hand

If your child is clinging to you and displaying separation anxiety during drop-off, do not hesitate to let the teacher know when you are ready for them to intervene, and they will be glad to help your child.

Please be assured that your child will be okay – – children who are upset during drop-off usually recover from the situation quickly! Once you are out of the door please do not come back in or try to peek – – this may make your child more upset. “Normalization” can take at least eight weeks so please do not be discouraged if your child is upset during drop off. As mentioned, keeping a positive attitude and having a consistent routine will help your child feel safer and adjust quicker!

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