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How to Prepare Your Child for a Field Trip

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Field trips are great ways to learn outside the classroom. It is fun to see classroom concepts at work in the real world. Sometimes though, going to a new place can cause unease even to the most confident of children. Battle the blues with these four tips to prepare your child for a successful field trip!  

1. Show the Children What to Expect

Going on a field trip can be both exciting and intimidating, especially if it is a new venue for the child. Showing your child pictures and videos can help them get used to the location and ease that initial intimidation. Also, they will be even more excited to know what they will be seeing and experiencing new things when they get there.

2. Encourage Them to Ask Questions

Quell those rumors! It is normal for a child to listen to a friend’s opinion and take it as absolute truth. Your child might hesitate going on the field trip because their friend told them the floor at the museum is made of lava or that the animals at the zoo are scary. Encourage your child to confirm and ask whether these concerns are true or not, so that you can give them responses that are backed up by facts and hopefully reassure them. The more questions they ask about the field trip, the better they will know the place and be comfortable with it.

3. Give Them Expectations

Now that they know more about the field trip location, give them information about the field trip itself. Tell them when they will be leaving school, what they will be riding to get there, how long the bus ride will last, and other things they might want to know regarding their trip. This is a new experience, and you want your child to feel as informed as possible to keep that apprehension at bay.

Don’t forget to let your children know that things are expected from them as well. Remind them to follow their teachers and the rules given to them, as well as to respect and care for their fellow classmates. Let them know they can have fun, but not too much that they ignore rules enforced for their safety. Explain to your child why they have to always stay in line and why they always have to stay with their buddy. The more they understand the rules, the better they will follow them.    

4. Let Them Help You Prepare Their Things for the Field Trip

Getting children involved is a good idea, and letting them prepare for their own field trip is no exception. Let them choose their clothing or their snacks. Tell them why it is better for them to wear sneakers than sandals since they will be doing a bit of hiking. Give them the option of bringing a hat because it will be sunny. They will feel much better about the field trip if they feel more prepared for it.  

Your child will surely have a great time at their field trip thanks to these four simple tips!

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