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How to Prepare Your Child for School Safety Procedures

As your child may be a little excited and a little nervous about returning to school, discussing the safety procedures ahead of time will help your child transition smoothly. Not sure how to start? Here is a sample script that may help!

Scenario: Parent and child preparing for the first day of school with COVID in August 2020.

<Parent pretending to cook and set the table, while discussing about school.>

Parent: I’m so excited for you to be going back to school at Arborland. Remember sweetheart, due to the virus we need to remember to wear our masks whenever we are at school, including during drop off time and pick up time.

Susie Lou: Are my friends and teachers going to be wearing their masks?

Parent: Yes, sweetheart everyone at Arborland needs to be wearing their masks at all times except for when napping and eating.

Susie Lou: What about the babies? Do they have little baby masks?

Parent: No, sweetheart the toddlers and infants don’t need the masks.

Susie Lou: Ok!

Parent: You will also get your temperature taken when you arrive at school, but don’t worry so will I so we can get our temperature taken together.

Susie Lou: Why do we need our temperature taken?

Parent: The school needs to make sure we are feeling well. And if yours or my temperature is above 100.4 degrees F then we go home and rest. Don’t worry sweetheart, they will take everyone’s temperatures when they arrive at Arborland, even your wonderful teacher’s temperatures.

Susie Lou: Is 100 and 4 hot?

Parent: Yes, sweetie that means we go home and rest.

Susie Lou: I’m scared. Can both mommy and daddy drop me off on the first day of school?

Parent: No sweetie. Only one of us at a time can drop you off from school and pick you up due to the virus.

Susie Lou: Can you walk me into my classroom?

Parent: One day when the virus goes away, we can both drop you off together and walk you into class, but for now, we will drop you off in the lobby and your teacher or a school helper will walk you to class.

Susie Lou: When we get to school, do I need to stand away from everyone like I stand away from the mailman and other people at the market?

Parent: You have to try your best to stay 6 ft away from teachers and friends as much as possible. Let’s practice.

Susie Lou: Ok!

Parent: If you are in your classroom and another child comes close to you, just choose your work quickly and go sit at your own special table that is labeled with your name. If someone is playing too closely to you on the playground, you can kindly move away and tell them that you are very thankful and happy to have them as your friend, but you cannot be so close to them because of the virus right now.

Susie Lou: Ok!

Parent: It’s almost time for dinner. Susie, let's go wash your hands and practice proper hand washing.

Susie Lou: I remember how to wash my hands! I turn on the water, wet hands, pump soap, and scrub. I like to sing my ABC’s while I scrub.

Parent: That’s great Susie! That’s exactly what you should do at school when you get into class, before you eat anything, after you use the potty and every time you come in from outdoor playtime.

Susie Lou: After dinner, can we get my colors and pencils ready for school?

Parent: Yes Susie, but remember there is no sharing of your things with anyone. Please remember to keep your things at your own table and any work you take from your classroom shelves needs to be put onto a special table where it can be cleaned by your teachers before another friend can use it.

Susie Lou: I’m 4 years old now. Do I need to nap?

Parent: You do not need to nap but I will take your nap bag just in case you get tired. Remember nap time is a time to rest and each of your friends’ cots for napping will be placed 6 ft away from each other.

Susie Lou: Can I pack an extra snack to share with my friends after lunch?

Parent: Not at this time sweetie. No sharing of food and you need to raise your hand if you want more food from the kitchen because the cook will only be serving individual plates to school lunch children.

Susie Lou: Ok!

Parent: Susie, we have to remember to put sunblock on just in case your teachers give you lessons outside to avoid indoor close contact all day with your friends. Also, your teachers will be doing a lot of this.

<Pretend to spray Lysol disinfectant.>

Susie Lou: That’s smelly!

Parent: We have to be extra clean sweetheart due to the virus both at school and at home. Your teachers will be cleaning like I do all day long to keep you and your friends healthy.

Susie Lou: Will they clean as much as you?

Parent: They will probably clean more than me, Susie. If you see your teachers up from their seats at least 3 times a day, it means they will probably be cleaning the classroom door knobs, handles, faucets, sinks, bathrooms, all your friends’ tables and chairs.

Parent: Ok, I like talking about school with you but I’m getting hungry. Let’s eat!

Susie Lou: Ok!

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