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Insightful Questions for Open House Night

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

A school's open house gives current families the opportunity to experience their child's daily education and prospective families to assess whether a particular school would be a fit for their child. This gives families the opportunity to ask some insightful questions in order to better grasp their child's learning experience or make a precise assessment of whether or not the particular institution is suitable for their child.

  1. How do you personalize the learning experience of each student? Since children absorb information differently, the answer to this question will help reveal the instructor's teaching versatility and assess if they can accommodate their child's learning style.

  2. What questions should I ask my child about your class? This question is especially important for younger children and those nearing the teenage years. It is common for parents to only elicit a one-word answer when they ask their children about how school went that day. This particular query will give parents a deeper look at specific activities or lessons that their child is working on and enable them to ask questions in order to gather a detailed response.

  3. What steps will you take if a child begins to struggle academically? Most schools already have a plan in place for academic interventions, if needed. It is important for families to be familiarize themselves with this process in order to determine if the response in place would be specifically beneficial for their child, should they find themselves in such a situation.

  4. How do you encourage children to practice critical thinking? At Arborland Montessori, the transition from fact memorization to effective application begins early. It is especially important for parents of elementary to middle school children to understand the instructor's strategy in eliciting a thoughtful response from them to determine whether this would be effective for their child.

  5. Does your school offer GATE and/or the Honors Program? How can my child be a GATE or Honors student? Montessori education advocates personalized learning opportunities and does not believe in labeling children. Arborland Montessori maintains that very student should have an opportunity to be given the GATE/honor curriculum, so we do without labeling the child nor the program. Our accredited instructors constantly challenge students' intellectual capacity and develop their critical thinking skills and it's common for our students to work one or two grade levels above public-school standards. Our teachers do not limit students to textbooks but instead focuses on inspiring confidence and interest in learning.

  6. What clubs and after school activities are available for my child? A school that has a wide variety of activities plays a large role in educational appeal, especially if it caters to the child's particular interest. Ask about the selection and application process to see if classes are a fit to your child's needs. Arborland Montessori offers a wide range of activities from swimming and tennis to dance and private music instruction. (Click here for more information)

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