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No Bake Treats to Make With Your Kids This Season

There are many benefits to encouraging a young child's help in the kitchen, a handful of reasons include bonding opportunity, confidence booster, and an introduction to a significant life skill as they grow older.

But did you know that cooking with your children is also a highly educational experience? Following a recipe can boost their reading comprehension skills, ingredient measurement helps them practice math--and it's also an opportunity to learn about other cultures as more ingredients are introduced.

While certain messes and spills cannot be avoided as their little hands are still learning to navigate the kitchen safely, we selected five oven-free treats that you can make with them this season!

Holiday Marbled Apples

photo by Big Bear's Wife

This festive spin on fall's caramel apple brings us into the festive winter season! Perfect for your holiday spread or something little to accompany a gift card. Click Here for the recipe.

Snowman White Toffee Cheese Ball

photo by The Recipe Rebel

Like pictured, this adorable cheese ball is easy to make and will make a perfect centerpiece to a sweet charcuterie board! Dress with apples, graham crackers, and chocolate cookies. Click Here for the recipe.

Snowy Pine Cones

photo by Taste of Home

This recipe might be more suitable for older children because it requires use of kitchen shears to trim the goldfish crackers. Younger children can help improve fine motor skills by placing the chocolate goldfish to mold the pinecone shape! Click Here for the recipe.

Holiday Olive Wreath

This tasty appetizer can be assembled in minutes and will certainly brighten your holiday spread! It will certainly be a fun activity that children will be able to help you with. Click Here for the recipe.

Candied Fruit Cookies

These simple but tasty treats can easily be included in a glamorous holiday table spread or placed in airtight containers as fancy gifts for the season! Click Here for the recipe.

Pretzel Polar Bears

These are the perfect addition to your cup of cocoa this season! The polar bears, which are made with halved marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and some sixlets might just be too cute for consumption! Click Here for the recipe.

Holiday Tree Cheeseball

photo by Inspired by Charm

This treat is such great fun to put together with your child--it will also give them a break from all the sweet treats at the table! Like your regular brie or fresh burrata cheese, this will be a beautiful addition to your charcuterie spread. Click Here for the recipe.

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