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Not Sure What to Give Your Children This Holiday Season? How About the Gift of Time?

2020 has flashed before our eyes! How is it the holiday season already? Struggling to find the perfect gift for your child? How about the gift of time together? Don’t miss this precious opportunity to make memorable moments with your children. Here are a few ideas on how you can give your child the gift of time during this holiday season.

  1. Set up a “date.” Some date ideas include long drives with your child, walks in the park, star gazing, hiking, or a drive-in movie! For a safe and private drive-in theatre experience, throw some blankets in the car, charge your laptop, connect to wifi, sit in your driveway, beach, or favorite park, and tune into your favorite movie, show, or podcast. Have more than 1 child? You can even alternate dates with your children between you and your partner. And don’t forget to pop the popcorn!

  2. Be the sous-chef! Perhaps your child has a favorite restaurant. Instead of ordering curb-side pickup, find a mock recipe to create your own special version together. Spending time in the kitchen is always eventful and you can end your time in the kitchen with a delicious treat!

  3. Put on a DIY theater show. Are Zoom nights becoming mundane? Flip the script and become your child’s favorite stars! First, print the script of your child’s favorite movie or series. Second, costumes! Spend quality time together creating and crafting character costumes for your mock performance. Lastly, invite friends/family to watch via Zoom, turn on your camera, cue the scene, and let the fun begin!

When we think of holiday gifts, we think of material gifts like toys and electronics. Don’t forget that your child loves you and spending time together to create a memorable experience is just as, if not more, valuable. And remember, silence is golden. Quality time is not quality unless it is attentive. So while spending time with your children, don’t forget to silence your phone and put that work email on hold. It can wait!

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