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Our Field Trip

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

by Olivia K. 4th Grade

Last Friday my class, 206, went to Warner Brothers Studios![!!!] First we got tickets and watched a short video about the studio. Then we divided up into different groups. My group had seven people in it. Our tour guide was very nice. Her name was Ashley. We got on a tour bus.

Ashley told us many interesting things. She told us how the studio works and about where she will take us on our tour. We saw many props at the first stop. Then we went to a costume building full of the costumes that were used. It had two floors. On the first floor there were costumes of superheroes and super villains. I took many pictures. On the second floor the entire floor was for Harry Potter! I enjoyed looking at the costumes. I even got to try on the Sorting Hat. I was put in Gryffindor! After that we got on the tour bus again. The next stop was a room full of mobiles from the Batman movies. On the ceiling was the Bat signal. Last stop was a store and an area with movie stuff. In the movie area, there was a flying broomstick and a TV showing parts from Harry Potter. There was also a corner to take a picture in Bilbo’s kitchen. Bilbo is a character from The Hobbit. Then we walked through the store and got on a shuttle.

All the way back to school, I thought about the trip. It was such a fun field trip.

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