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Questions to Ask During Your Parent Teacher Conference

Parent-Teacher Conferences provide an opportunity for parents and guardians to connect with the teacher and discuss the child’s academic progress, social development, and overall performance in school. At Arborland, we believe that the most productive conversations in these conferences start with the right questions. We have collected some of the most rewarding primary questions to ask your child’s teacher for the upcoming conferences in November.

  1. May I Tell You About My child? No one knows your child better than you do. It will be beneficial for your child’s teacher to know how your child’s learning process is so that they could apply it to their individualized lesson plans.

  2. How Is My Child Doing Socially? How the child functions socially in the class is a topic that should be addressed at a conference, so inquire about your child's peer relations.

  3. In What Areas Does My Child Need Improvement? Your child's teacher sees him from a different perspective than you do. Ask the teacher what personal weaknesses your child needs to work on, and listen to the response with an open mind.

  4. Is My Child Performing at the Appropriate Age Level? At a conference, parents should expect to see examples of their child's work. Parents should ask how this compares to age-level expectations, but not as an attempt to compare their children to other students. Each child is different and has different strengths and learning abilities. Focus on understanding your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

  5. What Can We Do to Provide That Extra Help? Work with your child's teacher to create a plan to help your child progress well in school. There may be specific things that you can do at home to help, such as reinforcing school rules and boundaries as well as homework guidance if applicable.

  6. May I Share a Concern? If you're worried about a situation at school, bring it up with the teacher. Teachers usually appreciate when parents bring an issue to their attention, as long as it's done with respect. It’s also helpful to get another point of view about the matter, because most of the time, parents only hear their child’s side of the story.

  7. Can You Tell Me About Your Teaching Method? It is important for parents to be familiar with the teacher’s method in order to understand their child’s learning process. Ask your child's teacher for more information about the teaching method, how it can help your child and what the teacher can and will do if the method does not work with your child.

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