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Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Being a parent means you may have a long list of questions to ask your child’s teacher. What curriculum are they learning? Does my child eat well during lunch? How are the social skills developing for my child? All of these questions are important to ask. Your child’s teacher is here to help you feel secure about your child’s safety, health, education, and so much more. So ask away!

Not sure what questions to ask the teacher? Below are 5 questions that may help.

  1. How do you assess student progress? Each teacher has a different way of assessing their students to make changes where needed. Do they need to be challenged more? Do they need a little extra attention? Whatever the case may be, it is good to know how your child is assessed so you know what to expect.

  2. What can I do to support the work you’re doing in the classroom? Making an effort on your end lets the teachers know that you will be working side by side to help your child reach their maximum potential.

  3. What are the most important ideas or concepts my child has to understand by the end of the year? Knowing the answer to this question helps you focus on what is important at home. These ideas and concepts can vary from social aspects to actual academic concepts.

  4. What questions do you suggest I ask my child on a daily basis about school? Asking the right questions can be a tool of reinforcement of what was learned in class. A simple question such as “How was school today?” will give you the simple answer of “Good.” To make these conversations more meaningful, make the questions more specific. Try questions like: “What did you learn today in school?” or “What was your favorite lesson today?”

  5. What is your approach if a child is struggling socially? It always makes a parent feel better when they know their child is having a good time at school. Some children have a harder time socializing than others, so knowing that those situations are being handled properly will help you, as a parent, be more at ease during the day.

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