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Troubleshooting: 3 Quick Tips for Solving Your Child’s Computer Problems

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

By Ms. Katie Pizzi

As your child progresses through his/her schooling, there will more than likely be a time when your child comes to you with computer problems. For those who are tech savvy, this is no problem… but what if you are not? Here are three quick suggestions to help you and your child.

1.) CHECK THE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FIRST. Has the computer been turned on? Are all of the cords plugged in and working? Is the battery charged? Often times children will forget to charge their battery or will not notice a plug that has come undone.


Step #1: Is the mouse plugged in? Is the mouse able to move on the screen? If it is, this indicates that just the program your child has opened has frozen, not the computer itself. On a PC, hit the “Control, Alt, Delete” keys simultaneously and it will force that program to quit running. On a Mac, hit the “Command, Option, Esc” keys simultaneously and this will also force the frozen program to quit. From there you can try starting the program again and frequently this will solve the issue.

Step #2: If the screen actually is frozen (nothing on the screen will move at all) try turning off the computer completely and restarting it by holding down the power button. Often times the computer will be working again once you restart it.

3.) IS THE COMPUTER RUNNING SLOWLY? Close any unnecessary windows. Having too many windows open at once can cause even the best computers to run slowly.

Bonus Tip: ALWAYS REMAIN CALM. Forcing cords to plug in or pushing down on the keys with force usually will not fix the problem. In fact, it can lead to unnecessary repairs/replacement fees. When in doubt, take a break and try again when you are relaxed.

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