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Why Summer at Arborland?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

By Melissa De Los Santos

The academic year is coming to a close, and parents are surely thinking about who to visit, which event to attend, and what new city or country to explore. There is a lot you can do with two months of summer, and for those two months, Arborland’s summer of fun and learning has a lot of advantages.

What are the benefits of attending summer school at Arborland?

Knowledge retention

Summer vacation has the tendency to wipe all the academics away from a child’s mind, and this usually equates to a more challenging beginning to the next school year. It is important for a child to continually practice something that they’ve learned in order to master the idea.

Arborland’s summer program is specifically designed to help your child retain skills like math computation and writing while still letting them have fun. Different activities help the child practice what they have learned, without the pressure they might feel during the regular school year.

Flexible scheduling

Our two-week sessions also allow more freedom for families to schedule their vacations according to what suits them best. This helps parents find the perfect balance between helping your child with their academics and giving them a chance to unwind.

Preparation for the coming academic year

Aside from reviewing and practicing what they’ve already learned, Arborland students also get a leg up during the summer. They get a preview of the topics that they will encounter in the upcoming school year, making them more comfortable, and therefore more successful with the new lessons. They will get advanced lessons on mathematical concepts, language arts, and other subjects! This will definitely help boost your student’s confidence and make them more excited for the next school year.

Development of skills through hands-on activities

Students who attend to Arborland’s summer program get to have more hands-on activities that are not only very educational, but also very enjoyable. They get to work on projects that enhance their art, engineering, problem-solving skills, and more! Activities like making catapults or building Rube Goldberg machines develop your child’s creativity, as well as their scientific mind. Our summer school program has a different theme per session, and these themes will focus on different concepts that will surely excite your child.

Our themes for this year will be:

  1. Let’s Travel – June 3 to June 14

  2. Amazing Animals – June 17 to June 28

  3. Mysterious Ancient Greece and Rome – July 1 to July 12

  4. Fables, Folktales, and Fairy Tales – July 15 to August 2

Each theme has its own specialty: geography, biology, mythology, history, writing, and a lot more. Your child will not only learn about these topics, but they will also get to experience planning their dream vacation (unfortunately, the actual trip is not included), write their own stories, and many other activities.

Fun for the sake of fun! It’s summer after all!

Another thing about summer school at Arborland — we like to have fun! Arborland’s Summer of Fun Calendar is chock full of activities that will surely keep your child smiling from ear to ear! From ice cream parties to water balloon day, your child’s summer will surely be unforgettable.

What are you waiting for? Join us for summer and give your child their best summer yet!

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