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5 Things Families Should Do Together

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we sometimes fail to spend time with the people we love the most. We unintentionally push them aside and let school, work, and other responsibilities pilot us. But spending time with your family, especially your little ones, is beneficial not only to you, but also your children because it develops stronger relationships and builds their self-esteem. Here are five things you can do to spend time with your family.

1. Read

There are a lot of benefits to be gained from reading for pleasure, and reading together as a family increases these merits tenfold. Taking the time to sit and read as a family — whether you are reading books, magazines, or newspapers — instills the importance of reading to your child. If your child sees that their parents enjoy reading, they will appreciate the act even more.

Some children may start off not liking reading, and if that is the case, try enjoying a book with them in different ways: read aloud, play out some scenes, or even create portraits of your child’s favorite characters. Enjoying fun activities as a family after reading a book will definitely help your child feel more inclined towards reading.

Another plus is if all family members read the same book. Think of it as your in-house book club: you can talk about favorite scenes, share how you liked or disliked the ending, or how the book is different from the movie. Creating a feeling of excitement around books will make your little ones want to keep reading.

2. Eat Dinner Together

After a full day of work and school, running errands, and everything in between, it is nice to slow down and come together as a family to share a delicious meal. Your family can take this time to reflect and share their challenges and victories for the day. It is a nice way to catch up with each other and learn how each family member is doing.

Not only should you share a meal together, but also include your child in the meal preparation and clean up! This will help them appreciate their parents more, learn a few more responsibilities, and acquire some life skills.

3. Experience New Things

Watch the newest movies, try out a new restaurant, play a new video game, or visit an exciting new destination — experiencing new things can bring a family closer together. New adventures can be daunting, and having your family share this experience will definitely make everyone more confident, especially your child. When your child becomes comfortable with trying new things, they will grow up to be more receptive to the world.

4. Go on Vacation and Play!

Vacations can mean different things to different people: reading a book next to a hotel pool, hiking up to a hidden waterfall, or visiting museums in a foreign country. Choose a vacation that can be enjoyed by all, because seeing loved ones relaxed, happy, and away from the stresses of everyday life helps the child nurture a better understanding of their family. Your child will become more receptive to you if they see you as someone they can relate to.

Children love playing, so why don’t you play, too? You can get active and play a sport or get cozy with a board game — having fun with your child helps you get to know your child more. People tend to open up more when they are happy and excited, and children are no exception.

5. Exercise

Our society is becoming more convenient and that may not always be a good thing. A lot of our tasks can be done through our phones and computers, and this is causing a lot of us to lead to a less active lifestyle. Even children nowadays prefer to stay at home and play video games than go outside and play in the sun.

When parents spend time and exercise with their children by playing soccer or even something as simple as walking the dog, it impresses upon the child that being active is important and enjoyable. Create a schedule and involve your child in planning your activities. This will make them look forward to your time together and make exercising a little more fun.

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