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Homeschool Management

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Walking into your child’s classroom, you might think that the teachers make classroom management look easy: children are working, and the teachers have time and space to help each student. The truth is that teachers have gone through a lot of trial and error to find out what works best in their classroom. They are a fountain of knowledge, and they have graciously shared some of their best pieces of advice for parents at home with their children:

  1. “Try to keep the same routine from school, and encourage your child to practie potty training.” – Ms. Sayra, toddler

  2. Have a routine, but be flexible.” – Mrs. Currey, primary

  3. “Encourage your children to practice speaking softly, especially when working with others.” – Ms. Janice, primary

  4. “Establish a routine early on.” – Mrs. Villaverde, primary

  5. “Provide consistency and routine.” – Ms. Chas, primary

  6. “Provide a quiet place for your child to work, free from distractions.” – Mrs. Luque, primary

  7. “Be consistent in your words.” – Ms. Shepard, elementary

  8. “Provide clear instructions and expectations, and be consistent.” – Ms. Dawson, elementary

Mrs. Villaverde has also helpfully shared her at-home routine worksheets that she uses with her own children. These can help your child keep track of all kinds of things, like reading time and cleaning routine, and help them maintain their independence. Click the link below to download them!

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