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We Miss Our Friends!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Being out of school means many things for our children, but the big change that they might be focusing on is that they do not get to see their friends every day! We miss seeing our students every day, and so we know how sad it can get without seeing friends all the time. Luckily, we have a few solutions for you:

  1. Write it out: In this technological time, getting a letter in the mail can be an exciting thing! One letter can change your life! Have your child practice their penmanship and write a letter to a friend. If your toddler or primary student isn’t quite at the writing stage, then have them draw a picture of them and their friend. You can write a quick sentence on the picture for your child to trace. Don’t forget to mail it!

  2. Have a virtual playdate: Thanks to working from home, parents have become pretty tech savvy! Grab a phone or tablet and video chat over Google Hangouts or FaceTime. Your child and her friend can tell each other what they have been doing or maybe even read to each other. Plan a themed chat, where one night can be stand-up (kid jokes are the best!) or another can revolve around your favorite movies. If you can, walk around your room and have your child talk about their favorite toy or why they have that color bedspread.

  3. Do a distance date. In areas where it is allowed and safe, go for a walk outside. Take photos of what you see and turn them into a short story for friends. Take turns sharing what you see. We have even heard of parents driving by parks or houses to say hi (from the car, of course).

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