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Recommended Reading Lists

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

By Ms. Cynthia Van Praet

As many of you know, getting some children to read can be very challenging. I remember a boy in my class years ago who disliked reading very much. His attitude changed when I started reading “The Trumpet of the Swan” aloud to the class. It wasn’t long before this particular boy had his own copy of the book and was reading ahead!

To help your child develop a love for reading, I have compiled a list of popular books that are recommended by our Montessori Teachers, listed by grade level.


Bob Books

David series

Hungry Caterpillar

Giving Tree


Dr. Suess books

Leo Leoni books

Skippy John Jones


good old fairy tales

Lower Elementary

Magic Treehouse series

Charlotte’s Web

Ralph S. Mouse series

Little House on the Prairie

Dragon Breath

Captain Awesome

Upper Elementary

Harry Potter series

Hunger Games series

Dear America

Divergent series

Young Samurai

Star Wars

Junior classics for young readers

Historical fiction I hope your child loves reading, or discovers the joy of reading, like so many of the children I have had the privilege to educate.

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